Workshop with LinuxWorld on “AI over AWS”

This post is more of a self-reflection over what I learned over the past 8 hours in the 2-day workshop hosted by the Team of LinuxWorld Pvt. Ltd., instructed by none other than Mr. Vimal Daga, who recently shattered all the records by a clear depiction of his knowledge over the field.

I have been mentored or been taught under Vimal sir for quite a while now. As soon as I heard about this particular workshop I couldn't stop myself. As a data science enthusiast, it was a sure shot that I would not miss for the world.

Forwarding to the workshop or the sessions the first session dealt with basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning and how the same would be available to us to be used as different services over the AWS platform.

We gradually dived into the services like the Polly, or the Rekognition. These services deal with NLP and the Images and thus perform learning algorithms over the same domains to provide ease of use such that the developers don’t ponder much of their time in hard coding these parts.

Being clear with these few above-stated services, we then began Session number 2, dated 4th April 2021, wherein we further saw many more services like Lex which is a voice-based implication of ML and AI over the platform. Many other services like the Amazon Kendra, Code Guru, Comprehend and Fraud Detector was introduced to use flawlessly by sir himself. We understood the cases that might help as to how we can tackle the situation and what all services might come in handy for such a matter.

All in all, the session provided me with everything that I had expected, and maybe more so to say. I thank Vimal Daga sir and the team of LinuxWorld Pvt. Ltd. for hosting such a great workshop.

I look forward to such training or workshops.

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